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Varicose veins make legs look unattractive. What’s worse they’re also dangerous for your health. Widened veins could cause major circulation system disorders. We should start fighting varicose veins as soon as we see first spider veins. It’s advised to consult a doctor who can help solve the problem, but if we react fast simply using available products should be enough. In this article, we are going to examine composition, effects and opinions on one of those products – Varive.

Varive – composition

varive beatyful legsAccording to the manufacturer, Varive is 100% natural and contains:

– Extract of propolis – an analgesic and anticoagulant,
– Pine resin – improves blood circulation in the veins and relieve swelling,
– fluke extract – improves firmness and elasticity of veins,
– Bee venom – a positive effect on blood circulation and reduces spasms,
– beeswax – regenerates,
– Olive oil – stimulates the flow of blood in the body,
– Extract from podmoru bee – analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Additionally Varive contains vitamins B1, B5 and C, and chemicals – to preserve level of coagulant.

Varive – effects

According to the manufacturer using the Varive cream we can:

– completely get rid of varicose veins

– improve circulation in the veins

– strengthen the connective tissue of veins and improving their firmness

– get rid of leg pain

– reduce formation of blood clots in the veins

– improve functioning of valves in the veins

– get rid of the swelling legs

varive varicose legs

These are effects that can be achieved using the cream Varive. In addition, the manufacturer recommends It to be used preventively to improve state of the circulatory system and the condition of the veins.

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Varive – opinions

On cream varive we found a lot of reviews and they were really different. One cream helps others do not. So how do you draw from these opinions correct assessment? Comparing the amounts of these reviews is their comparable amount, which makes it difficult to draw an objective opinion. Sentences positive talk about, that we managed to get rid of varicose veins, which are in a relatively early stage. Worse thing looked as if varicose veins was quite extensive and harder advanced. In such cases, the cream gave weaker visuals, former only felt relief, his legs were so heavy and swollen. As you can see the decision is not easy and, unfortunately, we have to leave you alone with her.


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