Terms & conditions

Regulations for the provision of services within the website Yoursupplements.eu

  1. General arrangements
  2. Website Yoursupplements.eu (hereinafter called “Website”) is maintained by its Administrator.
  3. This site is intended for use only by natural persons.
  4. Entering the Website is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations.
  5. Intellectual property rights and website content
  6. All intellectual property rights (including copyrights, rights to trademarks, illustrations, sounds, software and other materials contained
    on the Website) are the property of the Website Administrator.
  7. The Website User may use the materials contained on the Website only on their own and in good faith.
  8. The Website User may not use all or part of the Website for commercial purposes and copy its content for other purposes.
  9. The information published on the Website does not constitute a commercial offer.
  10. The following Website may contain references to other websites that relate to individual products described on the Website. This does not mean,
    however, that the Website has any connections with such websites or their administrators.
  11. The Service Provider has no impact on the content, accuracy and quality of advertisements displayed on the Website.
  12. The Service Provider does not bear any responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from the use of the advertising offer available on the
  1. Processing of personal data and comments
  2. The administrator is responsible for the security of processing personal data in the personal data processing system in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law in this regard.
  3. The Administrator declares that he applies all technical and organizational measures that ensure protection of personal data being processed, in particular against disclosure of such data to unauthorized persons.
  4. Users may not disseminate and share comments on the Website that violate personal rights or rights of third parties.
  5. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of comments created by Users.
  6. The Administrator may refrain from publishing comments which are inconsistent with these Regulations, legal regulations and principles of social coexistence.
  1. Final remarks
  2. The Administrator reserves the right to change these Regulations. The change is made by publishing a new content of the Regulations on the Website.
  3. In the event of any changes, the Administrator shall inform the Users about this fact by means of information provided on the Website or in another usual manner, the change may not cause infringement of the rights acquired by Users prior to the day of making such change.
  4. These terms of use shall enter into force on the day they are announced on the Website. Amendments to the Regulations come into force within 14 days from the date of their making and notifying Users about it in the manner specified in paragraph 2.
  5. The website is intended for information purposes only, and the opinions presented on it are of individual character. The Administrator is not responsible for any purchase decisions (and any other) made on the basis of this Website and in case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will provide expert advice.